Friday, September 30, 2011

a short animoto experience for my new blog

I lıke Bloggıng.


I definitely liked is an encouraging and funny way of brainstorming.After our Tricider experience we can easily say that the best two proposals about how we can use technology to teach vocabulary are to create crossword puzzles on the Internet and to prepare online flashcards.(By the time I wrote this reflection,each took 2 votes)

  • This tool can be more useful when students don't like to share their ideas( it is especially true for introvert students)face to face about an issue or they don't like to participate in solving a problem. 
  • I think that I can use it, for instance, to determine the best way of my teaching or some new ideas to motivate my students for language learning or to find the reasons why some students are already demotivated for language learning.
  •  This tool is useful because as I said above it encourages shy or introvert students' participation in finding a solution to a problem about course or classroom events.
  • Besides, it is a more convenient way to engage a new generation student in a classroom work , 
  • but may be it has some negative impacts on face to face relations or direct communication between peers and teachers which is already weakened nowadays 
If you want to read more about benefits of TRICIDER click the link:)


Blogs in English teaching

After I visited some EFL teachers blogs I got some ideas  how to use it for educational purposes.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Welcome to my Blog. I have just tried how to insert an image to my post.By the way this is my son " Nart" and his friend "Deniz"