Saturday, October 29, 2011


Actually I didn't not know anything about readability of tests.I have learned some useful information about readability during my reading.There are some readability sites which works on text you paste by providing some statistics and some standard levels.By the help of this tool we can compare some texts and find the most suitable one for our students.Concordance is my favorite.As I twitted before it can be used for drilling of some grammar points.For example," passive voice" can be perfectly supported by using Concorder.Wordle also very nice tool to show frequency of words in a text, and especially i like to create clouds, but I am not sure about where to use it exactly.It is good to use for introducing a new topic.I couldn't find any drawbacks for using these two tools.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hot potatoes

Today was a very exhausting day , not only because of our midterm exam's pressure but also our CTE319's busy schedule.Now I feel better, more relaxed and have just started to reflect on what we learned today. Especially  at the beginning ( at the middle and at  the end of the lesson:))   I hardly followed Steve Hoca's instructions  and I thought that TP was enough good for us.Why we had to learn this HOT POTATOES which was more complicated than TP, but now I am very impressed with the tool since I watched my jcloze work.It is wonderful.HP is a very handy  tool for both online and  paper-based  activities.Although I haven't explore TP  in details,  HP seems  more sophisticated  and rich.Online exams and  activities are no longer   pipe dreams for average teachers .Of course it needs some practice, but it is  definitely worth trying!

Monday, October 24, 2011


I have tried  many times to create my book, but unfortunately I couldn't succeed it:How to use images for this book.I tried to copy images, links, I also searched from internet but I didn't understand how to upload pictures.I saw  some samples of my peers and some from archive of Pimpampum.They are really nice.I want to create one :( I think It can be use in teaching.Especially for young learners.I saw some sweet books of kids.They are very nice , and i believe all kids love these things.If I achieve to upload pictures to my book one day :)  , I can use it , for instance, for vocabulary activities.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Google scribe

I am very impressed with the Google Scribe.It is especially helpful for those who types  slowly on computer such as me :)It offers several suggestions as I write.What a luxuary for sudents!So it is time saving and enjoyable.I think It is especially good for beginner level students  in any language.I am giong to try it for French.I think The result will be more dramatic for me.Finally,I wish it was avaible for Microsoft Office document. (May be it is but I don't know!)Hocam still I can not find the pencil icon:))

Thursday, October 13, 2011

test fo google scribe

Where is the pencil icon?

How could I use Lextutor in teaching

  • It is a search tool and it helps us to find  out how a  word can be used  differently by English speakers.I want to  find out
  •  how The word "raise"  is used.Let's try!
  •  I can use it to show my students that one word may have several  meanings.I think that new generation students like to use this kind of tools to study I can use it for my vocabulary activities.It is a bit difficult to use but once we  become familiar with the tool , it is going to be easier  to use it for our classroom activities. So it is a big opportunity for teachers and learners!