Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogs in Languge Teaching

Blogs can be used for  educational purposes  in many ways .The first thing that  comes to my mind is to use Blogs to improve students' writing skills, for instance,to post writing assignments or to set up a forum where students discuss and share their ideas can be very useful. To do these things on-line gives students extra opportunities and more freedom  to practice their writing. Teachers may also  use Blogs as a resource for reading activities by  putting important links or  sharing some enjoyable articles.Another idea can be to prepare a part  to patch up some motivating ideas,  because  I strongly believe that motivation is very crucial in language learning .Lastly,blogs can be used as a supplementary lesson material for  boosting  formal school instruction .For example,to put extra explanations ,giving more exercises about a grammar point or sharing videos which include useful information.For example I found this presentation useful and I wanted to share with you!


  1. I like your lat ideas very much. Up to me,motivation is very important and this blog make the lesson enjoyable. we can share our ideas and also we can find extra explanations or supplying materials in the blog like you said.

  2. Great insights into using a blog in teaching. Thanks for sharing your research about blogging. Wonderful example of collaborative learning. :) In our first session in the lab, we looked at all of the basic techniques (creating posts, inserting images, embedding media, and creating links) which you mentioned in your post. We'll look at a few other things you can do in blogs over the coming weeks, such as adding a 'blog roll' and a list of 'links'. I'm looking forward to seeing what ideas you will come up with in using these as well. :)