Thursday, October 13, 2011


  • What Harold Palmer said reminded me content-based instruction.Focus in CBI should be  on content instead of linguistic forms of the target language.It  uses authentic materials that are not prepared specifically  for language instruction just  like  CLT and uses real or authentic tasks like  Task based and content based instruction
  • DDL puts the learner in the center of the teaching/ learning process .
  • In my opinion, DDL can be used for both  individual and group works.
  • Computers can enhance the teaching environment.For example concordances can be used although some teachers think that They are very time consuming.
  • I want to share the following as an example of DDL activity  (Gregory Hadley, )
"One example of DDL's potential as a pedagogic resource will suffice. In Japan, language learners still memorize sentences such as "The food was eaten by me." However, such a sentence would strike most native speakers as odd. Instead of trying to explain to learners why it is odd simply from insight, we can direct our students to look at tangible examples from the corpus. Using a corpora/concordances package (Collins COBUILD English Collocations, 1995), they find that "eaten" does in fact collocate most commonly with the word "food." The learners are then provided with the following samples taken from COBUILD's Bank of English (see Figure Four). They may then notice how the authentic language samples differ from their usage of the word "eaten."
 which these types of food should be eaten. For most of us it means: eating ple
and a wide selection of
food will be eaten. Prepared Softbill food is a good st
inger foods and any
food that can be eaten seductively are in! Accomplished fl
 are an excellent
food and should be eaten in plentiful quantities. Now to mak
e test with an extract of a commonly
eaten food, we are likely to provoke a pos
asing the amount and variety of
food eaten. Problems could include failure to e
ition to the amount and type of
food eaten, the frequency of meals may be an im
with its body size, whereas the
food eaten by land mammals was not rich enough.
ollowing:  Reduce the amount of
food eaten, but not by sacrificing nutritious f
 kids. No charge except for the
food eaten. Big fuss made of birthday child. Bu
."  Another reason why hot
food gets eaten in hot countries is that chillies an
yone, or almost everyone, would have
eaten contaminated food. At least that's h
n the name of Scottish
food - I have eaten in places where everything was rolle
ably contain any
food you might have eaten as a snack rather that a proper meal
bused by overeating it. If a
food is eaten in any form once in three days, or m
ion. If every time a certain
food is eaten the rash becomes worse, or there is
e! It was two days since we had last
eaten, although food had been promised. Af
 see  folic acid. 
food,  substances eaten or drunk or administered parenterall
times happens when the mother hasn't
eaten proper food -  I've had a survey don

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