Friday, October 28, 2011

Hot potatoes

Today was a very exhausting day , not only because of our midterm exam's pressure but also our CTE319's busy schedule.Now I feel better, more relaxed and have just started to reflect on what we learned today. Especially  at the beginning ( at the middle and at  the end of the lesson:))   I hardly followed Steve Hoca's instructions  and I thought that TP was enough good for us.Why we had to learn this HOT POTATOES which was more complicated than TP, but now I am very impressed with the tool since I watched my jcloze work.It is wonderful.HP is a very handy  tool for both online and  paper-based  activities.Although I haven't explore TP  in details,  HP seems  more sophisticated  and rich.Online exams and  activities are no longer   pipe dreams for average teachers .Of course it needs some practice, but it is  definitely worth trying!

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  1. I agree with the idea that hot potatoes tool is more complicated than teacher's pet. but they are very useful tools for teachers. when we started to use these tools, I felt very comfortable because I feel like a teacher:)