Saturday, October 29, 2011


Actually I didn't not know anything about readability of tests.I have learned some useful information about readability during my reading.There are some readability sites which works on text you paste by providing some statistics and some standard levels.By the help of this tool we can compare some texts and find the most suitable one for our students.Concordance is my favorite.As I twitted before it can be used for drilling of some grammar points.For example," passive voice" can be perfectly supported by using Concorder.Wordle also very nice tool to show frequency of words in a text, and especially i like to create clouds, but I am not sure about where to use it exactly.It is good to use for introducing a new topic.I couldn't find any drawbacks for using these two tools.


  1. Sometimes there is method to my madness. Sometimes I do tend to suffer overkill. But, as you discovered after exploring both TPET and HotPot, both have their strengths in different contexts. I still use them both as regular "tools of the trade" which do actually save me a lot of time and angst when it comes to preparing my own materials. I hope that you will benefit from them as well when you are teaching. However, I can see that creating APPs for smart phones will soon be another tool I'll have to add to future CTE319 courses. :)

  2. Thanks to CTE319, we have learned several handy instruments, just wish to have a chance to strengthen and apply them in my instructional practices:)