Thursday, October 13, 2011

How could I use Lextutor in teaching

  • It is a search tool and it helps us to find  out how a  word can be used  differently by English speakers.I want to  find out
  •  how The word "raise"  is used.Let's try!
  •  I can use it to show my students that one word may have several  meanings.I think that new generation students like to use this kind of tools to study I can use it for my vocabulary activities.It is a bit difficult to use but once we  become familiar with the tool , it is going to be easier  to use it for our classroom activities. So it is a big opportunity for teachers and learners!  

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  1. Nice! I want a RAISE. (Increase in salary) This is a good example of how a KWIC can get students to become 'researchers' and test their hypotheses.

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