Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My twitter experience

I am thinking on what makes people use Twitter.The only difference I found  is  that  you can follow whoever you want without permission.Otherwise I can do the same things by using Facebook.For example; I can share some news, videos, links and ideas.I looked at some twits of my followings to analyze the nature of Twitter.Then I realized that they are definitely short and mostly the twits directs you somewhere to get more information, but it is not very distinctive, We can do all these things via Facebook .So I came to same conclusion that I said at the beginning  .The users of twitter is more generous to share their private or professional life.To follow some people who have good experience and knowledge on your subject definitely would be very meaningful.I think I can use twitter for  only this reason.I believe that Twitter will not be an  alternative to my  blog in Language teaching .For me Twitter can be more useful for graduate students who specialize in a particular subject or some students who like to learn more about their field, but not for high school students.


  1. I agree with you about the twitter.twitter is not like facebook as you said because on facebook when you share something, we can reach it easily.However, on twitter it is more difficult. maybe facebook gives us more opportunities to share ideas. as a teacher I do not want to use twitter with my students because of this reason. maybe twitter is not common as facebook.If you want to teach something, you can use facebook, twitter or something else in your programme.

  2. Yes, certainly that is how I see a lot of people using TWITTER in an educational context...following peers, professors or leaders in their field. TWITTER is called a 'microblogging' site, because it shares similar characteristics to blogs, unlike FACEBOOK which is more about 'social networking' than sharing ideas or information, as you pointed out. It will be interesting to see if you find a use for TWITTER as an ELT teacher-in-training, and it will be fascinating to see what your opinion of TWITTER is by the time you graduate. :)