Tuesday, October 4, 2011

reflection onBlogging

I have Just visited Burcu's and Ozge's Blogs . I am now their followers.I have read their ideas how to use a blog in Language teaching and I have made some comments.I saw that  they also  eager to use blogs for professional purposes.It was a nice  experience to learn their ideas and share mine with my colleagues.Although i have been blogging for few weeks,I liked this experience.It is very personal.I really like the sense of ownership that my Blog gives me.It gives me freedom on writing and sharing what I want.It also  gives me a space to practice what I learned.My current project as a student is  to use my Blog as a kind of diary which gives me great opportunity for writing  and also  as a portfolio where I store everything useful for me.Moreover,in future, My blog is going to be  a handy tool  to organize  and to share my ideas on my profession.I also  will use my blog to improve my teaching  and to boost teaching outcomes  that I mentioned my previous post.

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  1. You hit on several key observations here...blogs are personal and blogs are about sharing ideas and experiences. In this context, blogs can be a way to support your own learning, as you mention, and as a teacher, you might be able to foster the same notion of 'ownership' in your students keeping blogs.