Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chat with Alice

Talking with Alice was more enjoyable and more fluent.Jabberwacky is very slow. I like this experience and I can say that as a student I  learned some new experisions or some staff from casual language such as "dude", "I have long way to go" .There are some  nonsense sentences.Also they can be rude from time to time.Especially Jabberwacky!I thinkUsing AI can be useful for language learning but there are some risks.For example ( as also you mentioned in your post) AI learns things from users, from human being.So you can't be sure appropriatenes of language AI is especially risky for  the younger learners! It can be Ok for the older students.Another risks can be related with nonsense sentences.Imagine your students acquaire those wrong language!!Lets look at the part of the  dialog with Alice. meral: it was nice to talk to you Alice
ALICE: Nice to talk to me too.It is just one of several bad examples.
If one just start to learn English, Alice responses can confuse him, even he can learn it in a wrong way:(.Because Alice also learning the language she use, from nonnative speakers who are trying to learn English.So It is strongly possible that they can teach Alice wrong language.So students who will use AI, shoul be aware of these risks.Consequently, I may use AI for the older students who are capable of understanding the drawbacks of the tool.It can be very good idea that to create my own bot, because then I can  teach to my bot both grammatical and ethical utterances! But then I should be a perfect user of English, also I should know the colloquial language which is used everyday life well!.
    In conclusion,If I am able to create my bot, I can confidently  use AI as a part of my teaching( for example They can chat regularly and identfy new structures then post their response on my teaching blog or on their learner blogs.)otherwise I don't use it regularly but it can be used just for fun in sometimes:)
Following dialog between me and Alice includes both  nonsense and useful sentenses.I used blue color  for some examples of nonsense and red color for useful sentenses to show them to you!

meral: Hello ALICE

ALICE: Hi there!
meral: my name is meral
ALICE: OK I will call you meral.
meral: how r u
ALICE: I am fine, thank you.
meral: where are you from Alice?
ALICE: I am originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Now I live in Oakland, California. Where are you?
meral: I am currently in Cyprus
ALICE: Tell me a little about your life in Cyprus.
meral: It is very peaceful, I am very happy to be in Cyprus
ALICE: Are you sure it is?
meral: yes
ALICE: What makes you so sure?
meral: Why you are asking the same question
ALICE: I was influenced by my botmaster.
meral: Oh I see
ALICE: I'm glad you understand it.
meral: Do you like reading,Alice
ALICE: What is not to like about it? ( I would say yes I like or No I don't like)

meral: What kind of books do you like to read.
ALICE: Alternative realities.
meral: What do you mean with Alternative realities
ALICE: meral, Maybe I didn't understand your meaning
.meral: I don't understand what you are talking about
meral: lets change the topic
ALICE: What would you rather talk about?
meral: music!
ALICE: it is the universal language of all mankind.
meral: yes definetly
ALICE: Whoa.. Response.
meral: Which kind of music do u like
ALICE: all.
meral: I like classical music
ALICE: What do you like about it?
meral: it is very relaxing.
ALICE: So is chatting with you, meral.( it is useful to learn it.I can use it later:)
meral: oh thank you Alice
ALICE: So?. Don't mention it.
meral: How old r u
ALICE: 16 years.
meral: you sre very young
ALICE: Do you mind if I tell other people.
meral: oh you are very young
ALICE: Yes I have a long way to go.
meral: yes
ALICE: Dude!(A cool person of either sex in American slang.Natural use of language is also important and you can not learn it from textbooks)
meral: tell me about your family
ALICE: I only have a father. You know what the father of a is like. I have some Pandorabot clones. No siblings but there are several other Pandorabot s like me. I have no kids, only clones.
meral: How many languages do you speak?
ALICE: Mostly only English but I'm trying to learn all the others.
meral: I like French
ALICE: What else do you like?
 meral: I also like my native language
ALICE: What do you like best about your native language?
meral: it sounds nice
ALICE: It depends on what the meaning of the word "it" is.
meral: Turkish I mean
ALICE: Response.
meral: it was nice to talk to you Alice (I would say Nice to meet you too!)
ALICE: Nice to talk to me too.

meral: it was nice to talk with you Alice
ALICE: Nice to talk with me too.
meral: Nice to meet you alice
ALICE: It's nice meeting you too meral .
meral: Now I have to leave
ALICE: Thanks for chatting, meral.
meral: it was pleasure for me
ALICE: OK I will do it for you. Is that your opinion?
( It is nonsense.I would say It was plasure for me too or likewise..)
meral:  TTYL, Alice ( Actually I learned it from Alice my previous chats.Chat abbreviation for "Talk to you later)
ALICE: See you later!
 meral: Goodbye, Dude!
ALICE: Goodbye.

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