Friday, March 29, 2013


 Duration: 40 minutes

Nationality: Turkish Cypriot  students

Age: 12-13

Level:  pre-intermediate


Target Language: Used to

Skill: Speaking ,writing  and reading.

Materials: Handouts and flashcards.

Previous knowledge: The Simple past tense

Anticipated problems:

Students might not generate answers.

The students may not understand the content of the flashcards.

Possible solutions:

Encouraging  the students by asking more questions.

The teacher introduces  and describes the  flashcards using body gestures

and facial expressions .


By the end of the lesson, students will able to;

-recognize “used to”, “didn’t use to” and its question form.

-use “used to”, “didn’t use to” and its question form in appropriate places.

-Produce their own sentences by using “used to”, “didn’t use to” and its question form.

Stage 1) Warm-up activity (5 minutes) ( T----S, S----T)

- Teacher greets the students

- Shows a picture of a fat man and talks about his old habits by using

  “used to”, “didn’t use to”.

Stage 2) Presentation (10 minutes) (Interaction: T ----S, S----T)

·        Teacher writes some sentences about the fat man (TOM) on the board and

underlines the key words.

 Stage 3) practising (20 minutes) (T----S , S----T)
·        Teacher shows other flashcards and sticks them on the board.
·        Students who work in pairs produce their own sentences by using “ used to”
·        Students come and write their sentences on the board.
·        Teacher asks students to underline the key words (Used to, didn’t use to and did  ...use to..?)
·        Then teacher distributes a hand-out
·        For this activity, students work individually.
·        They read their answers.

 CONTINGENCY PLAN  (S----S, S---T, S----S)

·        The teacher distributes another handout that includes short stories about some characters.
·        Each student writes 2 questions about the characters past habits.
·        Then they exchange questions.
·        They read each other’s texts to answer the questions.
·        Finally teacher invites some students to share their sentences.
·        Teacher collects the students’ papers to provide feedback later.


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  1. could you provide me with a reading and writing lesson plan of used to(past and present habits) please?