Saturday, April 20, 2013


Lesson Plan

Duration: 40 minutes

Nationality: Turkish Cypriot students

Age: 12-13

Level: False pre-intermediate



Target Language: Reported commands

Skill: Speaking and writing

Materials: Handouts and flashcards or cartoon characters

Previous knowledge:  

Anticipated problems:
Some students can be noisy
The students may not understand the process of changing pronouns.
Possible solutions:
Teacher sets the classrooms rules at the very beginning of the lesson.
Teacher emphasizes more and she may explicitly explain the necessity of changing pronouns in a reported speech( command) .

By the end of the lesson, students will able to;
-recognize reported commands 
-Transform direct commands into indirect commands by doing necessary adjustments such as  changing pronouns and using “told” etc..

Stage 1) Warm-up activity (5 minutes) (T----S, S----T)

-Teacher greets the students.
-says “sit down”, “raise your hands”, “stand up”, “Shake your hands”, raise your pens”....
- exposing the students to the meaning of command she prepares them the presentation stage “Reporting commands”
- She says “let’s listen to mom and her son...Mom is angry and they are talking
-Shows big pictures of a lady and her little son.
-Sticks them on the board.

Stage 2) Presentation (15 minutes) (Interaction: T ----S, S----T)

·        Teacher says that the mom and her son are talking and she can hear them but students cannot.
·        She says that she will report what the mom and her son talking about.
·        She pretends to be eavesdropped and reports what she hears. For example, she told him not to talk too much!, ..She told him to wash his hands..She told him to prepare the dinner table..She told him not to shake his head..(8 commands, 4 positive, 4 negative)
·        She sticks direct commands of mom
·        She writes reported commands under the direct commands.
·        Underlines key points.
·        Explain the process of reporting commands.

 Stage 3) practising (20minutes) (T----S, , S----T)
Teacher distributes a hand-out.( look at the sample)

·        For this activity, students work individually.
·        Teacher monitors students while they are working on the task.
·        Students read their answers.

·        She approaches one of her students and whispers something to his/her ear a command. “ Open your book” then she says “ tell your friends what I told you”
·        Student reports what she told her to the class.
·        Teacher repeats the same process 4- 5 times and each student reports what she told her/him
·        The students are asked to come and write their sentences on the board.

 The handout I used for practicing part.


Change the following commands into reported commands. The first one is an example!

1.       Andrew: "Clean the blue bike!"

Andrew told me to clean the blue bike.

2.     Jessica: “Don’t write any text message!"

 Jessica told me ________________________________

3.     Nelly: " Don’t open the window”

Nelly told her son _______________________________

4.    Teacher: “Don’t smoke!"

The teacher told students __________________________

5.      Doris: "Dance with me!"

Doris told me____________________________________

6.    Victoria: "Check your e-mails!"

Victoria told her sister____________________________


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