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Gerunds-Infinitives exercises

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A.   Complete the sentences with a gerund or an infinitive.

1. My sister doesn't want to come with us because she hates ___________ (do) windsurfing.

2. The baby keeps crying. Does his father mind ___________ (take) care of him a bit.

3. Jenny has problems with her mother in law. As far as it seems, she is tired of
____________(fight) with her.

4. Two students applied for the Doctorate program and they look forward to 
____________ (have) a positive reply from the university.

5. After hearing a noise, Ken turned the lights on ______________(see) everything clearly.

6. Experts say that it is pretty dangerous______________(do) bungee jumping.

7. Even though Brian has many good friends, he sometimes enjoys _________(be) alone.

8. Harry's wife is fed up with __________ (clean) the house on her own.

9. Jerry and Loyd enjoyed ___________(play) video games.
Fill in the blanks with gerund or infinitive.

10. Belinda is looking forward to ___________(have) a reply from his friend.

11. Hey, you look tired! How about ____________ (take) a break from work for a bit?

12. The clients decided _____________(cancel) the contract.

13. Ken's lawyer advised him _____________(call) his wife as soon as possible.

14. Children enjoy ____________ (do) an activity more if they do it in a group.
15. I have studied as hard as I could, so I expect ____________ (pass) this exam.

B. Complete the following exercise with gerund or infinitive forms of the indicated verbs.

Traffic Report

You will have trouble 1--------------- (commute) this afternoon, folks. Interstate 5 is blocked for two miles north and south of 80th Street, so I strongly suggest 2---------(use) an alternate route if possible. Construction on the Factoria interchange has caused slowing  on I-405, so use caution there. Repairs on the Evergreen Point Bridge  were expected  to have been completed  by 6:00 A.M. today, but the bridge is still closed. The Highway Department issued a statement apologizing for  3------------( cause) further inconvenience to motorists, but the repairs are taking longer than planned. The department  expected 4--------------( finish) repairs by 5:00 A.M. Tuesday.

C)  Complete the telephone call


S:         Good morning, ACME Enterprises.

A:        Hello, I'd like  ___________(speak) to Mr Okinawa.
S:         Who's calling?

A:        Karl Maier, from Schwenningen. I wonder if I could ___________ (see) him this week?

S:         I'm afraid Mr Okinawa is not free this week. He tried ___________  (reach) you by phone several times last week, but you were in New York.

A:        Yes, I'm sorry. I remember _____________ (ask) him to call me, but I forgot
            ________________ (tell) him I'd be away.

S:         If he want ____________ (see) you , I’ll call you back .

A:        I'll look forward to ____________ (hear) from him.

S:         Okay. Thank you for ______________(call). We'll talk again next week.

A:        Fine. Bye for now.

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