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Modal verbs-can/could/have to/ must/should/didn't have/needn't have

SOURCE: Adapted from Grammar for CAE

A-Circle the correct alternative
1)Before the bridge was built we could / must/ can only get to the island by ferry
2) Up to 100.000 people must /may/ have to  experience delays.

3) I was using my pencil a minute ago. It would/ could/must be here somewhere!

4) You don’t have to/ mustn’t/ needn’t forget your sun cream. It’s going to be very hot.

5) I might/ would/ should be able to help you, but I’m not sure yet.

6) Entrance to the museum was free. We shouldn’t/ mustn’t/ didn’t need to pay to get in.

7) May/ must/should I go to the bathroom, please?

8) I shouldn’t/ couldn’t/ mustn’t  move the table. It was too heavy.

9) You can come to the meeting if you want but you don’t have to/ mustn’t/ have to.

10) I’m so hungry I can/ must/ could eat a horse!

11) Schools  can/  have to/ might play a more active role in encouraging children to tke up sports.
12) The company  should/ can/ must  hardly be described as a success.

13) I didn’t feel very well yesterday. I cannot/ couldn’t/mustn’t eat anything

14) You could/should/would look at me when I am talking to you.

15) I can’t/  mustn’t/ shouldn’t believe Mr Wade is being so confrontational.

B-Choose the correct sentence ending.

1-When  we got   to the station we found that the train was half an hour late, so we
a-didn’t need to rush after all.
b-needn’t have rushed  after all.

2-As you realized the meeting was  quite informal, so you

a-didn’t  need to wear a suit.
b-needn’t  have wore  a suit.

3-Fortunately, he wasn’t badly hurt in the accident, so he

a-needn’t  have gone to hospital.
b-didn’t need to go to hospital.

4-The house  was in good condition when I bought it, so I

a-didn’t need to to decorate before I moved in.
b-needn’t have  decorated  before I moved in.
C-Fill in the blanks using   should (not) have / be supposed to-/didn't need to/needn’t have done/ would rather and the verbs in brackets.

1-_________ (cook) for dinner  because my sister  had already cooked .
2-I _________ (go) and see the headmaster this morning.
3-My parents ____________( be) here at 8 o’clock, but they still haven’t come.
4-He invited a lot of people to his party, and there was no room to move. He ___________ invited so many people.
5- I ___________let her know what was happening but I forgot.
6-They ___________ (sack) him. He was the most creative person on their team.
7- They _____________ (remember) that their guests don't eat pork.
8-I __________(walk) than take a bus.
9-It was a waste of money. I ___________(buy) it.
10- Lucy___________to come to lunch. What’s happened? 
11- I______________ you didn’t turn the radio on.
12- Cats______________to be afraid of dogs, but ours isn’t.
13- I _____________ (go) to the supermarket because we
had plenty of food
14-I _____________(wash) the dishes because there 

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