Saturday, May 2, 2015

Both...and/ neither...nor/ either.....or / not only but also

A-Rewrite the following sentences using the clues given in brackets.

1.Adam is coming to the wedding ceremony. Elene is coming to the ceremony, too. (not    only…but also)

2. We’re going to have breakfast at my house or my cousin’s house. (either….or)

3. Charles is a hard-working student. His brother is also hard-working. (both …and)

4. I don’t like washing the dishes. My sister doesn’t like washing the dishes,too.( neither…nor)

5. Helena can speak English fluently. She can also speak French fluently. (not only …but also)

6. I don’t have enough time. I will read the articles. I will submit the report. (either …or)

7. He didn’t do his homework. He didn’t tidy up his room. (neither….nor)

8. The teacher graded mid-term papers. The teacher also attended an important meeting. (both…and )

9. The weather in Jordan is both hot and dry. (not only …but also)

10. Students don’t like group work. Students also don’t like pair work. (neither…nor)