Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A colloborative writing experience

Today, I would like to write  about a collaborative writing activity that I believe worked very well for my class and you may also find it beneficial for yours.

When  students are together, they are much more productive in terms of generating ideas and ,of course, it means the whole writing procedure is more fun and less stressful for both teachers and students.I used portable boards for this activity. Our school has provided us with them, but of course simple cardboard or papers could be sufficient.

This activity takes more or less  one lesson for my class , which is 50 minutes, but if you're doing this for the first time,it may take more than 50 minutes,Once students get used to the activity, you may allocate less time.I  have divided the activity into three stages in order to explain it better.Let's have a look!

THE FIRST STAGE: (10 minutes)

1-My students worked  in groups of four.Each group chose a topic to write about.

2-They used a portable board.First of all  they brainstormed either using mind map or listing methods which were taught beforehand  in previous lessons.

 3-Coming up with some ideas, I asked them to choose only three of them that could be supported better and more easily. 

4- After picking up the best ideas  to be used in their actual writing,students  prepared  a quick outline and here they roughly decided how to support  their major ideas.

5- Before moving to the next stage, each group chose  the student who will write the paragraph behalf  of the group.

THE SECOND STAGE: (20 minutes)

At this stage, students improved their outline.They were asked to use a variety of the linkers and grammatical structures that had been provided in the previous  input sessions.I monitored the groups and checked whether they were on the right track or not. 

THE THIRD STAGE : ( 15 minutes)

This was the stage where each group read each other's paragraph  and gave feedback. Completing the writing procedure, students exhibited their boards and  walked around to see their peers' work. Later, I chose one of them and put it somewhere  where all students could easily see.Then, we went through each one elaborating the topic and concluding  sentences, major and minor supporting details.Here it was very nice to see that students were actively engaged in the feedback session. 

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